ANGEL Pool' main goal is to support the Cardano community and ecosystem. We are offering a low staking fee, without compromising on performance and support.

The delegation of your ADA to our Cardano pool DOES NOT require you to send your ADA; the delegation is a totally different operation and can be done in the following wallets:

  • Daedalus Wallet

    Daedalus is a full-node wallet which means that it downloads, stores and validates the full copy of the blockchain. It can operate in a trustless manner and it does not rely on centrally hosted servers.

  • Yoroi Wallet

    Yoroi is a light wallet, which means it does not download the full copy of the blockchain. It connects to trusted servers which have the full copy of the blockchain.


Pool ID: d8fa4a4cdf5d8089a4ca31e6cac65ec4dc0bd365687729d5ef8f5307e103397e

  • - Node(s) Specifications -

    OS: Ubuntu server 20.04 LTS
    Availablity: 99.99%
    LOCATION: Nuremberg, Germany
    SETUP: 2 nodes running Jormun 0.9.1 (1 leader/1 pasive) with fail-over (jormanager)

  • - Fees -

    Fixed fee: 0
    Percentage fee: 3.33 %

  • - Rewards -

    We value your investment and so believe that you should be properly rewarded for staking with us. We are committed to do anything in our power to guarantee an excellent return to our delegators.

Pool ID: f878970b968068b0141b3e23287d5b32bdc2b79ecf05b4ad007193e8cdb264ae

Pool ID: aa8bde470c700361922087c19608ed348c8b14b0badc33af758926ab816d536e

HASKELL Shelley-Testnet

Ticker: ANGEL
Pool ID: f31b960d1e519cdb3dba391ceec3f791e4f5c5512897111da0bd28e6

  • - Node(s) Specifications -

    OS: Ubuntu server 20.04 LTS
    Availablity: 99.99%
    LOCATION: Nodes distributed in several locations
    SETUP: 4 Servers: 1-BP node, 2-Relay1, 3-Relay2, 4-Monitoring

  • - Fees & Pledge -

    Fixed fee (per epoch): 333
    Percentage fee: 3.33 %
    Pledge: 380K

  • - Rewards -

    We value your investment and so believe that you should be properly rewarded for staking with us. We are committed to do anything in our power to guarantee an excellent return to our delegators.

- Servers diagram -


Our Staking Pools are proud members of the CoolPool Consortium! Please check out the other CoolPool Consortium members who together, share best practices, knowledge, and community education to bring ADA delegators the best possible, community-driven staking experience:



  • ANGEL Pool ITN Live Stats
    Live Stake:
    Epoch Blocks:
    Lifetime Blocks:
    data updates every 60 seconds

The following websites list available pools in Cardano ITN and provide a live comparison in terms of several factors such as live stake, effective stake, current ROS, fixed fee, variable fee, epoch blocks, etc.

  • https://pooltool.io

    PoolTool is an impressive website that has been developed by PapaCarp. It basically offers anything that a pool operator or delegator might need. Of a particular importance for both delegators and pool operators is the HEIGHT column, which shows a ticker in Green, Orange or Red that symbolizes how in sync are the different pools with the blockchain.
    It includes extremely useful features such as network health, a live analysis with an excellent graphic interface, operator resources (API for operators) and pools exploration.
    The information when you click on a single pool is equaly impressive; it basically list all the relevant metric epoch by epoch, with a supporting graphic interface.
    Another important area of comparison is Competitive Slots

  • https://adapools.org

    Adapools is another excellent website for pools monitoring to be used by both pool operators as well as delegators. It allows to sort out pools according to different parameters such as live stake, average ROI, fees, staker rewards, etc. It shows pool performance according to the following classification (Black: Unknown performance or private pools with 100% fees, Red: weak performance, Yellow: Average performance and Green: Awesome performance).
    It has available a telegram bot to notify anyone subscribed, every time a pool (s) signs a block. It also has other features such as a delegation newsletter, a fresh list of IOHK peers that are useful for pool bootstrapping (and to update trusted peers in Daedalus Jormungandr config file) and an API for pool operators.
    Similar to pooltool, when you click on a single pool you get a list all the relevant metric epoch by epoch, with a supporting graphic interface.

Other tools that can be used to monitor pool stats are Daeadalus ITN rewards wallet and Pegasus Tool for smartphones


To be able to participate in Incentivized TestNet (ITN) as a delegator you needed to have had your ADA in a Daedalus or Yoroi wallet at the time of the snapshot taken on November 29, 2019.

If that's the case you can download and install Daedalus ITN rewards wallet or Yoroi Shelley Testnet. Then you would need to restore your wallets using the mainnet SEEDS

Once you accomplish that you can proceed to delegate your t-ADA (testnet ADA) in either Daedalus or Yoroi

- Daedalus Delegation -

  1. Click on delegation tab
  2. Click on Stake pools tab
  3. Type in ANGEL in the pools search box (also possible is ANGEL STAKE)
  4. Click on the result (make sure it is ANGEL STAKE POOL) and you should get a popup window like the one to the right
  5. Click on "Delegate to this pool" button and follow the instructions to enter your spending password
  6. Verify your delegation transaction (~0.8 ADA fee) and as soon as you see LOW confirmation you are done

- Yoroi delegation -

  1. Select Delegation (Simple) in the top right corner
  2. Enter ANGEL into the search field and click SEARCH (also possible is ANGEL STAKE)
  3. Make sure that you select ANGEL STAKE POOL and Click on DELEGATE. You then get a popup window that will guide you through the next steps of the delegation process
  4. Click on Transactions to verify that delegation transaction (~0.8 ADA fee) went through, the status of the transaction should change to LOW (then MEDIUM and last HIGH)

- Important note -

Once the delegation transaction goes through your t-ADA is delegated and you will start earning rewards from our pools in CURRENT EPOCH + 1, paid at the end of 2nd epoch. In other words, in TestNet an epoch last 24 hours so you will have to wait approximately two (2) days before you start seing rewards from this delegation. We are clarifying this because this a a source of confusion among delegators.


Q1. What is Cardano?

A. Cardano is a decentralized, Proof of Stake (PoS) blockchain-based system, that use the ADA (₳) coin.
It is a smart contract-based system that can be used to run Decentralized Apps (called DApps). It was designed as a layered system, so it has a settlement layer (CSL) used for ADA exchange and a computing layer (CCL) to runs the Smart Contracts. Cardano is the first cryptocurrency which runs on a scientific peer review, so its safety is mathematically proven.

Q2. What exactly is the Cardano coin ADA?

A. ADA (₳) is the digital currency of Cardano. It was named after Ada Lovelace, a 19th century mathematician and daughter of the famous poet Lord Byron
Its primary use is to provide a quick and safe currency exchange and to allow users to operate various Smart Contracts and applications seamlessly.
IOHK, along with Japanese company Emurgo, began developing Cardano in 2015, and its first phase, Byron, was released in 2017. ADA is pre-capped at 45 millions with 31 millions currently in circulation.

Q3. What is a staking pool?

A. A staking pool is an active (leader) node in Cardano's blockchain.
It secures the network and signs blocks for Cardano's blockchain on behalf of the delegators. This process earns rewards which are automatically distributed to the delegators by the protocol.

Q4. Why the need for staking pools?

A. Cardano nodes are randomly chosen to sign blocks for Cardano's blockchain according to the Ouroborus protocol. At the slot assignment, the node must be well-connected and in sync with the blockchain in order to create and propagate the block.
This process is done in order to keep Cardano decentralized.

Q5. Do I need to delegate my ADA to a staking pool?

A. No. This is not required, but it is HIGHLY recommended if you do not run a full node 24/7.
Delegating your ADA also helps secure the Cardano blockchain, while earning you rewards.

Q6. How to select a pool?

A. Delegation to the largest staking pools is not recommended. This could lead to unevenly distributed staking pools, where a few number of large pools dominate the blockchain. This therefore can drastically affect Cardano network's stability and security.
To prevent centralization the incentive mechanisms use the concept of saturation, so once a pool passes the saturation point, the returned rewards are GREATLY diminished

Q7. Do I need to Send ADA to pool in order to get rewards?

A. No. You should NEVER EVER send your hard-earned ADA to any staking pool. To earn rewards, you ONLY NEED TO DELEGATE your wallets to your selected staking pools (hopefully ANGEL) by using your Daedalus Wallet or Yoroi Wallet.


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Thank you very much for your support